About FrequencyWare

FrequencyWare is a privately owned company, incorporated and operating under it's name since early 2005, in the province of Ontario. FrequencyWare is exceptionally well positioned to meet its vision of introducing advanced technological solutions to secure businesses and their valuable assets.

Since it's inception FrequencyWare has focused on securing and tracking assets. Singularly focused originally on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies, the company has broadened it's vision and offerings to include different technologies with the ability to offer businesses a layered approach to securing premises and assets.

In 2009, FrequencyWare became the exclusive distributor of Tattletale alarm systems across Canada. Tattletale alarm has unique applications and fills a void in the mix of security solutions available to corporations and small to medium sized businesses. Construction firms, storage yards and public sector organizations in the USA have been using Tattletale alarm to protect their assets for over 10 years. Through a joint effort between FrequencyWare and Tattletale alarm, all solution sensors were exhaustively tested to confirm their functional capabilities in the harshest of winter conditions.

FrequencyWare is laser focused on identifying and developing high tech security products to help businesses secure their environments. Partnerships exist with major original equipment manufacturers, systems integrators and consultants, which round out the company's current offerings.

FrequencyWare looks at security in a holistic manner. Different technologies are needed for different environments and objectives. With thoroughly tested solutions from different manufacturers, and a penchant for innovating new offerings, FrequencyWare offers companies opportunities to maximize security beyond what conventional approaches can provide.

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