Agriculture Markets

Tattletale Wireless Security System

Agricultural Markets Farm properties present their own unique challenges when it comes to security. Multiple buildings are often present (home, barn, garage, storage sheds, kilns, etc) and protecting all buildings and valuable assets therein is costly and sometimes impractical with traditional solutions. FrequencyWare's portable wireless security solution from Tattletale solves this dilemma. With one control unit on a farm property and appropriate sensors in all distributed buildings, a virtual blanket of coverage secures your property.

Operating a farm is big business. Farmers are now keeping in touch with news, weather, crop reports and other services via mobile devices. Using advanced communications technology helps to keep agriculture businesses profitable. Why not consider advanced technology to protect your valuable assets?
Agricultural Wireless

Identicom Man Down Alarm

House Construction Survey FrequencyWare offers a cellular communication device from Identicom that gives workers a life line to help when accidents or emergency health conditions occur. Cell phones are now common for most people. However, working in the agriculture industry can present dangers and situation where reaching for a cell phone simply is not possible. The Identicom solution is a communication badge worn by a worker that has a "man down" feature for situations where a person falls or is trapped and can't reach their phone or place a call on their own. Each device is a two way communicator that connects to a 24/7 manned monitoring centre. When emergencies occur a communication link is established and if the protected worker can verbally call for help or cannot be reached, help is dispatched by a call to local emergency personnel.

It's great to protect your farm and assets but you and your workers are your most valuable assets - make sure you are protected too!


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