Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction Construction sites can be a challenge to secure, particularly during early stages of the project. Traditional approaches involve the installation of perimeter fencing, locking gates, signs and in some cases guard services. Solutions like CCTV or IP Surveillance can be difficult and costly to implement before power and cabling has been installed.

For construction sites with guards there is always the potential for criminal activity to occur when guards make their rounds. Smart criminals watch for patterns and strike when a guard is away from the desired assets.

FrequencyWare's portable wireless alarm system from Tattletale Alarms, offers job site security that is affordable, easy to install and can be moved quickly from site to site as projects require. With the optional monitoring service, immediate phone notification of security breaches to designated staff, security guards, or the police can help prevent theft and vandalism around the clock. Complimenting the solution with warning signs "protected by TattleTale Security" also acts as a strong deterrent to criminals looking for an easy target.

Tattletale deployed at a construction site:

Tattletale Construction Site

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