Dealerships – RV’s/Boats/Autos

Dealerships are not always located in densely populated areas where the presence of people can help to deter crime. Boat and Recreational Vehicle dealerships in particular are often in more remote areas to accommodate the lot space needed for large vehicles for sale or in storage.

RV dealer Stealing an RV or boat is not easy and unskilled criminals aren’t likely to plan that type of theft. However, common criminals will target the high value assets in poorly protected RV's and high end boats (Flat Screen TV’s, Stereo Equipment, Microwaves, etc.). Protecting multiple RVs or boats on a lot is a challenge.

FrequencyWare's portable wireless security system from Tattletale solves this problem. With one central control unit on site (with local audible siren and accessory alarms) and a security sensor placed inside each vehicle, a blanket of coverage can be achieved. Deployment is simple and protection immediate.

Installing a Tattletale alarm system also provides the option of centralized monitoring through our 24/7 manned monitoring centre. With intelligent zone mapping each boat or RV on site can be identified so monitoring staff can immediately alert an owner, local guard service or the police of the location of the business and the quadrant of the property where the RV is situated.

Having Tattletale in place with monitoring and visible warning signage can dramatically reduce the chance of thefts or damage to high value assets.

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