Frequencyware Security Markets

Construction - Commercial

Commercial Construction Construction sites can be a challenge to secure, particularly during early stages of the project.

Construction - Residential

New home construction sites, from single custom homes to new surveys, present a wealth of opportunity for criminals to target tools, materials, and finished goods when left unguarded.


Agricultural Markets Farm properties present their own unique challenges when it comes to security.

Community Health Care

FrequencyWare offers a cellular communication device from Identicom that gives community health care workers a discrete life line to help when threatening situations occur.


Dealerships are not always located in densely populated areas where the presence of people can help to deter crime.

Storage Facilities

Storage YardStorage adopted traditional security systems to protect their facilities and grounds.

List of Trades

Find out more about the domains where Tattletale is in use.

Bill 168

In 2004, Statistics Canada found 17% of all of the nation’s physical assaults, sexual assaults, or robberies happened in the workplace.


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