Residential Construction

New home construction sites, from single custom homes to new surveys, present a wealth of opportunity for criminals to target tools, materials, and finished goods when left unguarded. Often building sites are far from the watchful eyes of neighbors and when construction crews have left for the night, criminals can abscond with project critical assets. Every day thefts occur and the impact goes beyond simple replacement of tools and materials. Materials on site may have been special ordered and tools cannot always be replaced instantly. This causes project delays and unhappy customers.

House Construction Survey FrequencyWare's portable wireless security system, "Tattletale alarm", provides the affordable solution to securing residential construction sites. Through a wide selection of sensors, equipment and materials can be protected. With a coverage area of 2,000 ft, the Tattletale alarm system can protect multiple houses wirelessly with simply one control unit equipped to identify each home mapped to predefined zones on the system. With the control unit in a finished model home or construction trailer, houses under construction can be protected with their own sensors (glass breakage, smoke detection, motion sensor, etc) and monitored from the control unit on site. This system puts security in place cost effectively even in buildings lacking power or telephone connectivity.

With the optional monitoring service, any tripped sensor alerts a 24/7 manned monitoring centre by a secure cell call (within 0.6 seconds) for immediate response (following the customer defined protocol) such as call the builder, police, fire department or local guard service.

Options to cost effectively protect housing surveys under construction simply did not exist before Tattletale. If you are a builder or subcontractor on a survey, and have materials or tools stored on site, you owe it to yourself and your customers to consider FrequencyWare's portable wireless security system.

Click here for a full description of the Tattletale alarm solution and components.


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