Residential Security

Protect What Matters Most

Protect your most precious belongings at home and cottage. Also protect RVs, boats, garages, sheds, and anything else indoor or outdoor. With Tattletale™'s patented portable home unit, you can easily move about and have the alarm system's display in your sight.  Whether you are in the backyard, basement or bedroom, the portable control panel will be by your side and a glance away. 

tattletale residential

Portable Control Panel: Imagine at night, you are awaken with the sound of the alarm, there is an intruder in the house. With other alarm systems, you'll need to walk to control panel at the frontdoor to check which sensor was triggered. With our portable control panel, a quick glance will reveal point of intrusion. 

Remote Keyfob: Remotely arm and disarm your alarm system. How many times have you locked the home door, only to realize that the alarm system is not armed? Then you need to unlock the door, get in, close the door and then to arm the system and leave the home again. Tattletale™'s remote keyfob eliminates those extra hassles. With push of a button, arm the security system from anywhere within 90 meter radius. Keyfob's light will indicate that the alarm system is armed and the house is secured. 

Wireless Door/Window Contact: Easily secure any door and window at home. The contacts can be attached to the opening edge of the frame and notify you whenever they are opened. The Lithium batteries with 5 years life will provide a maintenace free system to secure homes. 

With no wires and no phone lines to cut, complete residential security is at your finger tips for immediate contact with police, fire or rescue.

Home Unit control panel features:

  • GSM cellular modem to secure homes anywhere without phone lines
  • 90 meter radius wireless range to protect all belongings at home
  • Built-in PIR motion sensor
  • 20 hour battery backup
  • Full color touch screen display (doubles as digital picture frame)
  • Pet Mode and Quiet Mode
  • Add up to 95 wireless sensors
  • Siren & Strobe
  • Text/Email notification
  • 24/7 monitoring optional

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