Storage Facilities

Storage YardStorage adopted traditional security systems to protect their facilities and grounds. Monitored alarm systems, CCTV and IP Surveillance systems are now commonplace. However, some alarm systems rely on a phone line to communicate tripped sensors (motion sensors, smoke sensors, glass breakage sensors, etc) to the monitoring center. Smart criminals know alarm system features and when they plan entry to a building they start by disconnecting the phone connection. Some systems detect lack of phone connectivity but the time between the cut phone line and a response can be sufficient to allow for a successful robbery.

Protecting assets left in outdoor yards presents a different challenge. Surveillance cameras where "advertised" to a criminal (though posted signs) can deter theft and vandalism. No criminal wants to see his picture posted on the most wanted pages! Unless the IP Surveillance system is monitored, captured pictures are not enough.

FrequencyWare's portable wireless security system from Tattletale addresses both limitations with traditional security systems. An on site control unit with built in siren and strobe light connects to a monitoring center without phone lines. When an entry is detected the local alarm sounds. Moreover, with no lines to cut, the control unit places a call to a 24/7 manned monitoring center for immediate response (call the owner, local police, etc) against a customer defined response protocol.

For protecting assets left outdoors or in sheds or buildings in a yard, the Tattletale alarm system maintains a constant blanket of protection through a variety of rugged, wireless sensors. No other alarm system enables the cost effective protection of an office or building and assets distributed across yards.

If you are concerned about theft and vandalism, have experienced crime on site already or are considering a more integrated approach to securing assets, you owe it to yourself to consider FrequencyWare's wireless security system.

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