LoneWorker Communications

TrainingIdenticom is a solution manufactured in the UK that provides a communications life line for lone workers, such as community health care workers. Cell phones are the de facto approach to protecting such workers but there are serious limitations to the adequacy of that solution. In situations where risks of violence are encountered, asking the perpetrator to pause the aggression so a cell phone can be accessed and a phone call to 911 placed is not likely to have the desired result.

Identicom is a cellular device in a form factor designed to look like a name tag. It has an emergency button that can be discretely and easily activated to connect immediately over a cellular network to a manned monitoring center. All the details about the person being protected are pre-populated in a database. If the alarm is activated, a two way call is place to enable the monitoring center staff to assess Red Alert Function the situation and decide on a call for emergency assistance. Before entering a premise workers record a message on the system advising the monitoring staff of the address and time of a meeting and can also set time defaults to schedule a call to the unit after a specified time has elapsed. Identicom has been adopted broadly in the UK to protect community health care workers. Models of the device also offer "man down" capabilities to send a signal in situations where the wearer and device tilts beyond a set threshold.

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