Monitored Wireless Security

Keychain Remote Control

Keychain Remote Control One button control in the palm of your hand. The Keychain Remote Control can be used to arm or disarm your system or send a panic signal from up to 2000 feet away from the tattletale depending on structures and objects in-between. The 3.0V Lithium Battery that is included will typically last for 3-5 years.
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Remote Siren & Strobe - Wired

Remote Siren & Strobe - Wired Project the alarm outside! The Remote Siren & Strobe allows you to place the warning right where you want it. Direct police anywhere on your site to shorten response time. This accessory is triggered when the tattletale's siren and strobe go off. Constructed of strong rust-free die cast aluminum and is gasketed to provide weather resistance. Must be plugged into A/C power.
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Water Level Detector

Water Level Detector The Water Level Detector can be placed up to 2000 feet away from the tattletale base unit depending on structures and objects in-between. The detector consists of a TRANSMITTER housing and a tethered SENSOR. The transmitter housing cannot be immersed in water. The sensor should be placed in a DRY AREA at a point where you want to be alerted if water reaches that point. Example: To be alerted if your sump pump fails: place the sensor on the floor near the sump. Mount the housing on the wall nearby. When the water reaches the sensor it will send a wireless signal to the tattletale and you will be alerted.
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Signal Booster

Signal Booster Double the range of your wireless protection! The Signal Booster is used to increase the range of the wireless accessories. Use multiple signal boosters to create a super long range wireless security network. The booster housing is gasketed to provide weatherproof operation. The booster must be plugged into AC power.
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Storage Container Motion Detector

Storage Container Motion Detector Specifically designed for metal containers, the Storage Container Motion Detector uses a tethered transmitter to allow placement outside the metal container. This ensures a strong signal to the base station, up to 2000ft away depending on structures between the tattletale™ and the motion detector. The motion detector is highly sensitive to moving heat (infrared radiation) and has a coverage area of 45' by 90°. It can operate normally between 0°F and 120°F. The 3.0V Lithium Battery that is included will typically last for 2-3 years.
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AMPS Package

AMPS Package Protect without power! Perfect for job site protection on new projects before the power is connected. The Auxiliary Mobile Power System (AMPS) allows you to run the tattletale alarm unit for up 2 to 3 days from a marine battery. This rating depends on many factors and is only an estimate; actual runtimes may vary. The package includes: 1 DC/AC inverter: 400 Watt, battery clamps, auto shut-off protection. 1 Battery charger: Schumaker 12 amp automatic 12 volt deep cycle charger. We ask that the customer supply the battery to avoid expensive shipping charges. You MUST use a type 29 105 AH deep Cycle Marine Battery with the AMPS package.
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