Tattletale Alarm

Tattletale alarm is a portable wireless security system designed especially for harsh climates and demanding environments. Tattletale alarm offers indoor and outdoor sensors to protect business assets in buildings and outside on adjacent property. The Tattletale system is easy to deploy and can be readily moved from work site to work site - making it the perfect solution for construction firms and builders managing multiple projects. Unlike other alarm solutions Tattletale alarm system has a control unit with smart zone capability and a coverage area of 2000 feet (extendable to 6000 feet with signal boosters). For residential construction sites, multiple homes can be wirelessly protected with the simple installation of selected sensors (glass breakage, motion sensors, smoke sensors, temperature sensors, etc) and the activation of one control unit on site. No wires, no multiple systems for each site, local alarm features and a monitored response enabled by advanced cellular technology (to dispatch local staff, police, fire department, guards, etc). The smart zone technology allows easy mapping to identify which location in the blanket coverage area has experienced a tripped sensor and it even identifies the type of sensor activated allowing local staff and staff of the 24/7 manned monitoring center to know who to call in response.

  • Tamper Proof Design
  • Cell-burst Technology
  • Mobile Alarm Protection
  • Wireless Security
  • Unbeatable Security
  • Immediate Protection
  • Portable Security
  • Simple to Install


The tattletale alarm unit shoots the data packet at the nearest cell tower in .6 seconds.


The signal is received by FrequencyWare's dispatch.


Based on your instructions the FrequencyWare's dispatch operator calls:
- your cell phone
- the premise
- the local police

The system is unique in its reliance on wireless technology and cellular connectivity to a manned monitoring center. There are no wires lines to cut - a common tactic used by criminals to circumvent traditional alarms.

More Details:

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