FrequencyWare Security Solutions

Monitored Wireless Security

Tattletale alarm is a portable wireless security system designed especially for harsh climates and demanding environments.

Indoor Wireless Security

Indoor Wireless sensors to detect motion and help you protect your location from fires and flood.

Outdoor Wireless Security

Tattletale's outdoor sensors are designed especially for harsh climates and demanding environments.


Tattletale's additional accessories can be used to project the alarm outside, get additional range of up to 1800 meters and operate the unit without power on site.

IP Surveillance

FrequencyWare has selected IP Surveillance solutions from different manufacturers.

Monitored Video Surveillance

IP Surveillance systems are a great way to protect environments when there are security staff on site to monitor images and when there is a power and Ethernet cable infrastructure in place.

LoneWorker Communications

Identicom is a solution manufactured in the UK that provides a communications life line for lone workers, such as community health care workers.

Security Consulting

Selecting the right solution to business security challenges is an important process and many organizations lack the internal expertise to complete the process.


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