Video Surveillance

  For locations lacking this infrastructure, FrequencyWare has the perfect solution. Our Xtern Cam provides a wireless camera system that is easy to deploy, and able to start protecting your assets immediately. The system is designed to capture images when motion is detected. Images are immediately transmitted over a cellular network to your hand held device, email and an online interface for quick access and review.

Digilant False alarm calls to the police or fire departments caused by traditional alarm systems wastes critical emergency personnel time and represents a significant nuisance. Fees for false alarms are being applied in many jurisdictions. With Xtern Cam, only real security threats are acted upon so there's no chance of incorrect notification, fees or fines for false alarms. Informed that there’s proof of a security incident, professional responders act with highest priority.

Xtern Cam is built with a weather proof case and comes with variety of options.

The built-in solar panel allows for deployment in locations without power Invisible Flash/night vision allows the camera to capture intruders at night Color or Black and White lens is available.

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